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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing alright. I know that If you are here and seeing this you must being going through a tough time, just like me. Its been one week since I lost my precious mother... she was only 56. It was INCREDIBLY unexpected and I’m utterly heart broken. I’m still quite young... so it’s crazy to think that I’m going to continue growing up without her, but I know she’s watching me from above and she’s not going to miss a thing. I came here though to ask if anyone else is feeling their grief physically? A couple moments when they announced she passed I started to feel some pain in my left arm. That pain freaked me out so much but I got checked out and they said nothing was wrong. That pain continued to shift through my body and I felt sore for a few days. Then the morning after her passing I felt an intense pain on the left side of my head and my jaw was very sore. It went away after about an hour. Now I keep getting sudden little headaches on different parts of my head and my chest and throat felt right earlier today and it made me feel really lightheaded. I also had a bad headache yesterday that resulted in lightheadedness... I get anxious when it comes to my health and I’m sure this has to do with my grief but I wanted to see if anyone can relate so I can feel a lot less nervous about how my body is feeling. God bless you all.
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