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  1. Hello everyone. I am aware this is an old post, but i have been reading through this every time I felt like like i needed a little peace of mind and some hope shall I say..... my experience is very similar to most and i wont go to much into it. My partner of a year lost someone very close to them unexpectedly (this was 8 weeks ago) it was a huge shock to everyone and my partner did not and is still not dealing with it very well, as of expected. Anyhow.. you don't hear many stories which bring a little bit hope to peoples situations. Most of these situations result in the griever leaving their partner as they cannot deal with the relationship on-top of the loss, or because they are not sure how they feel anymore regarding their relationship with their partner. In most cases, as read, that is the end of the relationship. In my situation, my partner left me shortly after the funeral. MY partner was closing themselves off from me shortly after the death and I should have seen the breakup coming, however it was a massive shock. I felt abandoned, depressed, anxious, worthless and out of control of my emotions and life in general. There was no contact for 4 weeks. As days went on i felt worse and worse. My whole life changed within weeks and I was struggling to cope. However, this is where i am going to give readers like me who relied on these blogs a little bit hope.... after 4 weeks my partner reached out to me and asked to meet up (In which i have not decided to yet) to talk about feelings. They are still very much confused regarding feelings about the relationship, and is still at an early stage of grief. So i just wanted to let people know that things may not be over for you! There is still hope.... if it is meant to be, I believe it will be. And if not, then you are saved from the wrong relationship with the wrong person and in time you will find someone who will never leave you, no matter the circumstances... Please understand that I am not saying you and your partner might get back, but everything will work out as it should be. In the meantime, focus on yourself, self love and self care. Get your confidence back and become independent again, so that if/when they do come back.. you can support them as best as you can.
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