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  1. Yes Kay. We have that in place. She will always be with people she knows. Thank you for your prayers.
  2. The vet has diagnosed kidney failure and she that cannot continue without the intravenous supplements. We have all made the decision to not continue her vet treatment and we will bring her home tomorrow so she can be with us in the environment she has known and loved for years and we can be with her. This is so very hard to bear. That our two beautiful friends will have been taken from us withing a month. I have nothing else I can add apart from thank you all for your understanding and kind words. All my love to you and your friends, Simon
  3. Thank-you Marty, Kay and Peggy Sue. Tomorrow Chip will have been at the vet for 1 week. She is eating and getting intravenous nutrient suppliments but unfortunately when she does not have these her temperature is dropping. We haven't see her for 1 week and in 11 years she has never been without one of us. I hope she is strong. I don't think I can go and see her as I'm not strong enough and it may disturb the routine she has with the vet who is very sympathetic. Chip has always relied on visual communication as she is 100% deaf. We noticed over the years that wherever we are she always manoeuvred a "sight line" to know where her companions are. I think she is mainly in a room by herself at the moment as the vet goes about her day to day tasks. I hope she knows we won't let her down even though she cannot see us. It's Sunday afternoon, my wife is working until this evening and the house is empty. It's very difficult to get the energy to do anything and everything just seems pointless. I feel pathetic and should be stronger and try and sum up some energy but I just wanted to put my thoughts down as a kind of release knowing you kind people are there to support folk like me. I really, really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.
  4. Well I have come back to the thread. Thank-you all very much for your words and thoughts. Maz has gone and of course there is a hole in our lives. But now his companion is ill, our lady dalmatian "Chip" of 11 years. Just not fair. I think Chip was mourning as she hadn't eaten anything for 10 days since her friend has gone - only sugar water and egg yolk occasionally. The vet tried various treatments but she got so weak that the vet took her in yesterday and gave her a drip with nutrients. She was OK though very weak after that but I haven't seen her yet. She'll be in for 3 days or so and I'm waiting for an update this afternoon. The vet says she is not eating because she is in pain and it's pointing towards a problem with her back. 2019 has been a bad year for us but we are hoping she will pull through. Losing one friend is hard enough for us to bear. Thank-you Simon
  5. Thank-you both, Marty and Kay. In 4 hours time we will say out last goodbyes and loving kisses and cuddles. I will tell him we will see him again. I am dreading it but I must be strong for Maz and my wife. I will come back when I can... Simon
  6. Hello, Tomorrow our beautiful boy Dalmation Maz is going to be put to sleep. Maz has not been able to walk without assistance for several days and now he has stopped eating. My wife and I decided this morning that it was best for our boy as this is no life. It's really difficult to type but I just wanted to put my pain out to the void as I can't think of anything else to do and just feel so helpless. I'm not a religious man but I just hope he goes somewhere nice and is looked after the way we have looked after him. We have a girl Dalmation who is 11 years old and she knows something is going on. I send my love to all those that are in this most sad situation. Simon
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