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  1. okaypie


    I'm staying up for when my stepdad comes home (he works nights) and the living room is so quiet without bandits little snores. I want to be up with rascal so he has someone to greet him when he comes home, but I hate how quiet it is...
  2. okaypie


    He was buried in the backyard by me and my mom. My stepdad was able to stay through the entire process, I didn't expect the medicine to work so quickly. But as soon as it entered his bloodstream the light from his eyes was just... gone. I never knew death had a smell until now, we laid him on my coat in the backseat to get him back home. My coat smells like it now and it's..a lot. I know he's better now, and I plan to paint a rock for his grave.
  3. okaypie


    We're leaving at 3pm today, our youngest dog sassy can tell something's off. She keeps checking on Bandit. I don't know what she'll do when he's gone, she tries to help him as much as she can, she even leans on him when he's outside so he can stand. Everytime she walks into the living room she looks up into his chair to make sure he's still there. It's killing me. I hate having a set time because now it's just about the waiting. I've been giving him snacks because the thought of not having the wet food for him anymore hurts a lot.
  4. okaypie


    @MartyT Beringer looked very cute, it makes me glad that you still think of him. I don't like when people forget their pets after death, every animal brings something new into your home and life. I'll be there for my mom and Bandit. I know that he'll try to lick the tears off my face. I hate crying in front of him because he gets worried and I don't want him to be worried when he dies. I know I won't be able to help it tomorrow, though. I know he'll be okay in heaven, but I'll miss him very much.
  5. okaypie


    @kayc Thank you very much for your kind words, it's been a while since I've been in someone's prayers. It means more than you can imagine. I saw your thread on Arlie, he looked like he was a very sweet dog, I'm happy that you gave him a good life. You're a very kind person, I know that you'll be able to see Arlie again someday just like I'll be able to see bandit when he goes. Keep helping those that you can help, and I hope your year makes you happier. Here is a picture of bandit, I like to think he brings a smile to people's faces
  6. okaypie


    My dog bandit is 14 years old, I've had him ever since I was very little. I'm 20 years old and I'm home from college for my winter break. I knew we were putting him down since the first week of being home. He can't walk anymore his joints hurt him too bad, we have to carry him everywhere. He's being put down tomorrow and I can't stop crying. He's such a good dog I don't want him to go. I feel like I'm letting go the last bit of my childhood. I remember when we first got him and he was so small you could fit him in your pocket. I remember how my stepdad became the only man he ever trusted and that's how I knew my stepdad was a good guy from the start. I remember how when he was so little he'd get lost in the grass if we didn't mow it. I love hearing his little snores at bedtime and how he'd flop his ears back to get treats. I ran into my stepdad downstairs today after he fed bandit for the last time and he was crying. I never have seen my stepdad cry before. Bandit became his dog when my oldest sister had became rebellious and left the house early (bandit was given to her as a birthday gift by our old school bus driver). My stepdad and bandit are companions. This is hitting me and my parents really hard, my stepdad can't go to the euthanasia because he has to work, and I don't want my mom to go into the vets alone. I know I'll have to go and watch my dog die because my sisters won't care enough to be there. I'm so scared. I love my dog so much. Thank you for reading if you've gotten this far. I hope that bandit will be happy in his afterlife and that he'll be able to walk and see my cat ralph up there.
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