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  1. it was when she was saying about the grieving groups what was going through my head was shes still grieving, it has to be grief yes it is, but then you hear ive been a crap gf to you. one thing that makes me think she did something was when she mentioned that her “therapist” said not wanting to be touched is normal, i just dont know if that was true, so i kept my distance from her, and i agreed.
  2. it was an awful time, i told her on that day i know your going through a lot but im here for you and i love you. and even then something didnt look right.
  3. many thanks for this Kay. one other thing she mentioned to me which confirmed my thoughts about her grieving still was she said to me that she was being referred to grieving groups, but i could see the look in her eyes, something wasnt right, and she then mentioned about being a crap girlfriend to me. on my birthday the card she got me was a basic one, not a traditional boyfriend card, and even that made think something wasnt right.
  4. i kind of knew something wasnt right the way she was acting. all shes told me was that she wasnt happy and that we were too routined, but we were doing things together etc. it even got to a point where she wouldnt let me touch her, and this makes me think shes done something bad, and she said ive been a s*** girlfriend to you etc
  5. shes saying she broke it off first and got with him in january but i think its a lie due to the things she was doing such as going out on long drives, staying at a friends etc, also when she was coming back it was straight in the shower. on one occasion i said ill come with you to comfort you and she refused. she also went to a conference, and went to a hotel and didnt tell me the name of it just that it was in the place.
  6. Hi Kay, Many thanks for your kind words. im so pissed off, the fact that she said we were too routined and didnt have any fun but i said many times lets do something. i wanted to take her away in september to try and help her out. ive questionned my own sanity after all of this.
  7. after all i did kay, im absolutely furious and disgusted. the therapy i went through questionning my sanity and thoughts, the support i gave her and the family.
  8. hey all, turns out it was all a lie, she had been texting someone behind my back, i found out last night.
  9. Hey Marty, her behaviour became so erratic, the fact she stayed out at her dads house and didnt text me till 1.30 which i didnt see till the next morning, i was fast asleep, and then she has a go at me!
  10. i just really dont know what to think Kay my heads a complete state and i miss her so much, it just makes me think why check my pulse so much and stuff...
  11. i spoke to a mental health specialist today and she seems to think she did what she did because she couldnt bare to lose me the same way she lost her dad... hence the pulse checking
  12. thats a bad one that Kay, my question is do you think i remind her of her dad? and she made my life tough to get me gone? her dad actually said i was the best thing that happened to her! is this grief saying get rid of him and begin again? if her dad was still alive we would be together still??
  13. Hi Marty, it just upsets me that she brought up stuff from a year earlier when i was poorly at a friends wedding as an excuse to end it, like i could help it? when she needed me though i was there for her.
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