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  1. I just had to put my pet dog if 14 years down as he suddenly got sick with anemia and possibly cancer and did not show any sick signs till a week ago and was very sick on Saturday 4/25/20 and we took him to an Emergency vet clinic where they suggested he be euthanized. i did not expect that . I have been close to him the past 2 years feeding him twice daily and taking him fir his walks twice daily. I have been with him every day from 2.30 pm and till 9.30 am weekdays and fur the past 2 months every day all day since I stopped working due to the virus. i can see him looking at me waiting fir me to give him his food twice daily. it is just too hard to think he is not here anymore. His name is Cody a beautiful white and chocolate brown Australian Shepherd/Brittany Spaniel mix whom we got at 6 weeks old.
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