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  1. MY BF lost his father in 12.2019 suddenly and he got heart attack. We broke up in 01.2020 and I moved back to my country in 02.2020 in asia. He is in USA Now. But we stay in touch with each other until now. I didn’t feel like we broke up because we will say miss you, love you to each other. He still calls me baby, honey, sweetheart etc and we have plan to see each other after COVID19. Maybe recently I pushed too much pressure on our relationship and I didn’t realise he was grieving until now. I felt so bad and I wanted to help. I mean he didn’t really open his heart before like talking his feeling, sadness etc. Now he asked me to move on , not wasting my time, he is not emotionally available, he is not happy and can’t bring me happiness either. I love him so much.... I don’t mind waiting for him or be there for him. Is it part of grieving behaviour? I am so confused sometime. I hope someone can tell me what to do that can help me Go through tall these hard times with him. Thank you!!!
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