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  1. Thanks Kayc, I hope your doing ok.
  3. Hi Kayc, I'm hurting so bad right now, just need to talk, I miss my baby so much, I'm so tired of crying but I don't know anything else that makes me feel better, I think I'm ok and then when I'm done being busy, and I try to relax all I do is think about her, I imagine it's cause when I've done what needs to be done me and her spent all our time together, even being busy of course she was right there. I miss her so much, going to church ya know watching sermons, and talking to God is all I ever do now, I pray that he will help me, but we'll I don't know, that's all I have to help me through t
  4. Good for her, that's really good, I wish I could go see my mom but family matters yaknow, and with this disease going around. Hope all well for you today Kayc, I thought I seen another post from you, I'm in the middle of going into storage right now, ugh I hate storage, sometimes I wish I could just walk away.
  5. Thank you Kayc for your kind words. All the sudden the place where my mom is SAYS they suddenly gotten a covid patient so my dad can't visit. Seems strange since the covid patient will be isolated, doesn't it? It does to me, I wrote the home a small note along with a card I sent my mom, I was nice ) :, and asked them to take good care of my mom. I told my dad you'd think for 5 grand a month they could wheel her out to visit and get some fresh air. I'm not happy about these circumstances at all! Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
  6. I know about how they put the pets all together, I made d**m sure Buttercup wasn't one of those. He has his own crematorium,and all the pets are done individually, he himself worked for one of those before he quit, I read this ad, and oh my was it fancy, when I got ahold of the guy who cremated her, I told him about them and he said that's the one he had worked for, he didn't like that they did that and started his own, I asked if he was a Christian, really no answer but said he did his college at a Christian college, which I'm a little familar with. There are still some good people out there,
  7. Hi Kayc, me too, Charles Spurgeon I watch quite often,so glad they kept those old sermons in a safe place, funny how the world is today, don't know how long it's going to hold on, but just imagine if nothing today is not on paper or in a book which is pretty minimal, and wifi blows all will be lost, just a thought, several yrs. ago I have traveled and these new library's are nothing but computers, seriously. It's kinda weird. Buttercup loved to travel, she loved so much riding. I got both her urn necklaces this last week. I haven't filled them yet I haven't the heart for that, one hangs on the
  8. GM Kayc, what a darling dog, I can see he was a great joy in your life,and I'm so saddened by your loss, looks to say mom I know I'm leaving you but with smiles that will always be looking down at you from heaven. Oh Kayc my heart aches for you. You have really got a full schedule, I commend you, bc I know those tears never stop flowing, mine ither, I on the other hand deal with my grief with this site, it's wonderful and Marty is one farout lady.Im so glad we met Kayc bc we are both I can tell have a relationship upon this awful ordeal, and we are survivors. A recent story I'd like to tell ya
  9. Hello Marty, Thank you, And I feel that as well, I'm depriving another sweet animal of all the love and care I could give, there's so many who need a loving master, but I will try my best to pull through this, it's so hard, I've never cried so much ... I loved her so much, she gave me so much joy, ugg some "Hold On Buttercup",I want mom... well there wasn't much she ever done that I ever got aggravated about, really not much at all, she was such a sweetheart it's hard right now to even think there's another dog who could be as perfect as she was, and right now I'm afraid I could find myself
  10. Hi Kayc I know what you mean, I know people probably wonder about me, I cry constantly, it's been only 3mo. for me, and I'm sure I will be the same in a year from now. Even though I'd buried my baby I couldn't leave her there knowing I was leaving this town so I dug her up and had her cremated, I'm still at odds whether I did the right thing, I haven't moved yet, and I went to the grave site yesterday with her urn sat it on her grave and sat there and cried. I then picked up her urn and left. I miss her so much and as you well know the tears are streaming down my face as I write this. She was
  11. Thank you Jayjay, Id never give up my time with Buttercup, but JayJay the pain is so hard, my heart is so broken, Everytime I speak of her the tears start flowing. I thank you so much for your caring, and I'm so sorry for your loss. Sickness is so sad for our animals bc we just don't know how much more they can take, but we also know theyed go through hell and high water as long as they can be with us in the physical, that really hurts doesn't it, it is so hard letting go. Bless their hearts, their the joy of our lives. No matter how hard I try I miss her constantly. Thank you for caring Jayja
  12. Hi everyone, I hope all is well.... Im in tears, I miss my Buttercup so much. I don't understand any of the pain I'm feeling, it's like my whole life has been taken from me. I've lost so much in my life, I made it through all the heartaches, but losing my dog, She was my world, I was never alone having her. I lost my brother and I cried for 3 days, I've lost my dog and I've been crying it will be 3 months on the 4th. She was my heart and my soul. I miss her so much. I have never cried so much in my life.
  13. Thank you Kay, I'm so heart broken, I know what you mean, everyone's different, but time just passes, it doesn't seem to heal anything, if it did and I've had a few good days, why still the panic attacks, why still screaming her name yelling out where are you sweetheat, oh Kay I miss her so much. I'm broken. And the tears the tears the tears the tears.
  14. Not good...I miss Buttercup so much, time has done nothing. I'm in constant grief.
  15. Lexi, hi I hope your getting my messages, I'm not tech savvy so.. I'm really sorry about Lexi I know how devastating that is. Life can be so good and one day in an instant,gone... And we are forever changed, our hearts are scared for life, the good life is past us now,( this is my take) and now we go through it begrudgingly. I do anyway. I was raised a pentacost, granny my Sunday school teacher my grandpa's the preacher,we lived in the churches house. I thought God was always on my side. I have been so devastated in life, I know what finding your sweet Lexi like that is like lexilou, I really
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