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  1. Didn't think I would be back here again, as stated we broke up, I thought I ended it only to find out she was telling others it was over before hand. I moved out and needless to say, the amount of anger that came from her was insane, I'm not sure if she cheated, which I did call her out on as all signs were pointing that way, she wouldn't come home to speak to me so I told her I was leaving and would be gone, when she got home and found me gone, that's when things got really bad and the anger turned up. Now after weeks of silence, she has reached out to me, meaningless really. Nothing that I
  2. Just to update, we are still a couple, but I'm tossing the towel in and moving out this weekend, it's not that she checked out and doesn't want to continue, there has been no change despite me being clear I needed change, it's that she went so far in a different direction that I can no longer follow. To much to tell, but she's reconnecting with her past and that is something I can not sit back and watch or be part of. I try and look ahead, the past is there imo to learn from not repeat. Thank you for your support everyone!
  3. Well, we are still going, actually had a wonderful evening just 2 weeks ago and for a bit she was right there again with me, but unfortunately after that completely withdrew and pushed me out to arms length, talking has become more easier with her smiling and laughing, other than that brief encounter the intimacy it is now almost completely gone. She makes sure she talks to me in the morning and evening, texts me randomly about little things she doesn't need to...she's still in there. I can't help but think more and more, if after he was buried, she left that weekend, when she ca
  4. MartyT, right after he passed she said to me she can't bare to lose another one that she loves, I have been thinking about this myself and that being the reason for the pull away.
  5. Well it's been a week with the normal ups and downs, I'm still swinging away even got a few I love you verbally, and a sort of acknowledgement we are still a couple as she addressed herself as my GF (even before hand when we got engaged BF/GF was the typical reference) but it's almost once she realizes it was said she withdraws again. She still maintains texting me throughout her day when she's out and about traveling, or updating me on anything that may have happened while she was at work, or what happened when I might have been at work. Those are the ups, the downs are when others co
  6. I want to thank you all for responding, your responses have giving me a new strength, I appreciate what everyone has said and can see what each one said going on now and came to that realization myself, thank you, and thank you Rae for the links I plan to go to them and read. And yes, I do believe in what Kieron said, or I do see that as a possibility, of a testing but I don't think it's as intentional or deliberate, she did tell me that her last relationship, her ex left her as Rae's did, not a word, woke up and was gone due to her grieving over another loss, seems most men left her when sh
  7. Hi all, I don't know where else to vent or turn to, I normally deal with stuff on my own, but this..I need to vent and keeping a private life have no one to vent to, my kids don't need to hear this as I do not want them to look differently upon the woman I'm with and "engaged" to To start, she recently lost her father that meant the world to her and leading up to that she said, even in the beginning, he's her anchor and when he's gone she has no reason to be around, BUT she also told me in the beginning not to give up on her should this happen, and so I haven't....but it's hard,
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