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  1. Dear Marty and Kay, thank you so much for your support. It's true, these past few days I've been thinking if i can fit in somewhere, all I can think about is how should i support my brother and his wife. But apart from that, I'm sad and angry. I still can't believe he's gone.
  2. I cannot help but think why, it doesn't feel right, it is not right when younger kids like my nephew passed on such a young age. He just turned 3 last December, he was such an energetic boy. He loved trucks, he loved cars, and could always make anything into play things. That baby boy was bright, he was polite, and understood quickly when we asked him to do something. He's a lovely boy. On late December, he had diarrhea but we all thought it's just a common infection. When it's still going on after a few days, his parents decided to check. Such a shock news, his white blood cells was way too high. They say he had leukimia, and so he was admitted to the hospital. That was a week ago, they put him in the icu right away. My brother cried, and he never cried. My little nephew, in an icu with needle in his vein. But nevertheless, he was still excited to play on his bed, his spirit was always amazed me. It lasted only a week. His condition gradually got worse and on last Saturday night, he passed with his parents by his side. I can't help but to think why? Why this boy? Why my beautiful nephew, who had the cutest giggle, smart and bright eyes, had to be first to go? His parents, i wish I could do something for them. My brother and his wife are doing whatever they can to survive this. It feels like I'm waking up to a nightmare. I still can't believe that little boy is not around anymore.
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