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  1. Wow thank you for sharing that with me. It seems that you do whats best for YOU as well. Ive learned that not all family is good for you. Some family you just have to love from a far. Thank you so much for your words of advice. It truly felt so nice to receive a response. I believe life will get better for me. Although its so hard. now, I try to tell myself it is all temporary and will get better
  2. Hi, Thank you. I have some type of support, but mainly through friends, and a few family members. I guess you could say I don't have the typical family. They all deal with their own issues, and some that I could call my close family, aren't in the best place to really have the time to care or listen to my feelings. My mother really raised me to be different from the rest of my family, and ill forever be grateful for that, because I now understand why. A lot of them are drunks or druggies. I honestly hopped around a few times within family members home over the span of the almost 5 years w
  3. I’m just trying to find some healing. I feel so numb at times. The last few years have been so hard adapting to change. I’m 20 years old, and lost my mom almost 5 years ago ( April ), to Domestic violence. I was there, and had to make the phone call. Something so traumatic that I’ll never get over. She was only 34. She leaves behind my 2 little brothers & I. Their father was the one who did it. it’s always been so hard to accept something like this. At times i feel like it’s so hard to go on. i need her more than ever. I feel so alone & it hurts knowing she won’t ever come back,
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