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  1. Thx Trudy, We did recover, gave each other hugs, believes she understands where I am at. She finds some relief by doing the work, I may too, but guess I just did not want to commit to it. Bob P.S. I am sorry for you loss. Hugs to you, and to all others who are here for us.
  2. Hi. Am feeling more down right now because had argument with wife..... she wanted me to get some work done this afternoon that has been accumulating long before my son died... And before get wrong idea.. she is a good wife. She is grieving too, she just lost her step-son too, and she was more of a mother to him (as far as being what my definition of a responsible parent is) than his own (best friend) mother! And she went through a loss 20 years ago when her husband died leaving her with 2 young children (about 12+13). She has been there for me along with my too strong (at least on outside) other son, so this loss, I am sure, brings up some old hurt in her. I guess I just don't feel like committing to working today, at least not old unfinished work. Bob
  3. Thanks to all for kind words of comfort. Went to work yesterday, but could not stop thinking about my sons death. Bob
  4. Thx for the replies. Let me expand a little about the situation at his death. My son was 34, with a wife and daughter 7 left behind. He wanted to be the perfect father for her, especially since he did not think I did the best job....... had went through a divorce........ he never really got over some of the problems resulting from that and we were discussing (usually ims) issues related to that and how I raised him (lived with us for 10 years after divorce, then abruptly moved out to live with his mother and step-father when he was 18), almost to the day he died. He also had some problems with his brother, and his brother was estranged from his mother........ so was not the Brady bunch at the funeral. Will add more/clarify later on. Bob
  5. Hi. Just lost my 34 year old son in car accident over the weekend. Buried him yesterday. Feeling daze today. Bob
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