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My Grandma Died Today

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I was not prepared for this kind of grief. Not only am I dealing with the grief I also have to deal with guilt feelings and family issues. Not feeling like a part of the family due to things that happened before I was ever born but was taken out on me.I could really use some help on coping skills.I don't know how I am going to get through this time with the grief and not knowing how I will be treated by family members during the visitation and service.

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Guest Grief Stricken


My grandmother died on my birthday this year in January. To be technical, she was-is- my step fathers mother. My step father is the only father I know and Nanna accepted me and treated me like all the other grand children in the family. She didnt have to, but she chose to.

I understand where you are coming from when you say you are unsure how you will cope due to family issues, but at the end of the day.. Dont hold back. If you want to cry infront of them, cry. If you want to hug someone you wouldnt normally hug, hug them. If you want to talk about your grandmaother, talk.

with any luck, your family will be soley focused on their grief and loss and not other family issues. If they are, stand up and tell them to save it for another time. The sevice and mourning period is for yourselves and your grandmother, its not a time to pick and poke at familt issues.

The death of my nan, who was only 72 was so sudden, so unexpected. It still brings me to tears thinking about it.

Love and Cherish your memories and dont give thought to the previous issues during this time of saddness for her passing but celebration of her life.

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