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Paul S

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After I logon I see way up to the right of "My Controls · View New Posts · My Assistant" the hyperlink for "New Messages". For the past several days (I don't know, maybe since last Wed or Thurs) I see it tell me that I have "· -1 New Messages".

Well, I don't. I keep clicking on the thing and all it does is take me to My Control Panel's inbox, where it says I don't have any.

SteveG: your system is a tease. :lol:

As problems go, it prob isn't way up there, but I thought I's report it anyway, because I know these things can sometimes be indicative of something really bad.

P.S.: BTW, I do not have my own computer, I Internet daily (xcpt Sun) from a Public Library en route to my little job. This should change in July when I am getting a 'puter for my new apt. And then I'll be on here offering cheap advice even more often! :o:blink::lol:Anyway, the point is I use a different machine everyday, so its not userend.

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Guest helpdesk

Hi Paul,

Try clearing your browsers Cache and deleting the cookies. This will usually stop that message from happening.


Martin Herrera

HOV Help Desk Coordinator

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