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A Film About Learning and Accepting That My Mom Has Terminal Cancer

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Hello everyone, 

My name is Amber, I am a filmmaker in Columbus, Ohio. I recently made a film about the grief process I went through learning that my mom has terminal cancer. I thought this film might touch some of you so I thought I'd share to a discussion like this. 

My heart is with anyone suffering through loss. Take care. 

Here is the link:

We Ascend Without Warning - Short Film


"We Ascend Without Warning

Struck by the news that my mom had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, I began to relive my memories and emotions. I came to this point of intersection between emotional empathy and preemptive grief. She is still here, but I can feel her slipping away. I simultaneously felt, and continue to feel, the love of every personal connection in my life. This is the state of emotion and reflection that my film evokes.

To my mother, Heather Roxanne. I love you more."

- - A film by Amber Thompson

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