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New Pets Ease Pain Of Loss


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This may not be for everyone; but I have found a way to help ease the pain of the loss of my cat Dustin (went missing 9/4 and presumed deceased). I adopted 2 female cats from a local animal shelter. Now, they do not replace my boy -no kitty or anything else ever could. But my new girls are different from each other (one is lovingly sweet & laid back and the other is shy, but absorbs lovins like there's no tommorrow) and they are different from Dustin. I have always had cats in my life, and to have a house without any was like being in prison. There was a hugh void and my girls have helped fill it. Getting other pets doesn't replace your beloved pet that is taken away from you and you may need to wait a long time before even thinking about it, but I am now rewarded with the fact that I 'rescued' two very deserving creatures and with their love they already have for me (and vice versa!). I have turned my negative energy I had of loss and channeled it to something positive.

Oh, also, just reading the entries at this site has helped a great deal. Thank you everyone for sharing. Vanessa (Dustin's, Georgia's and Fiona's mom)

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