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Healing After Loss - November 6th

I would appreciate your thoughts on today's reading from Martha Hickman's Healing After Loss.

I usually recommend this little book of daily readings for its thought provoking ideas, but the November 6th entry is confusing to me personally.

Martha starts the page with a quote from someone called Dorothy Day, who writes like a typical DGI (Doesn't Get It) with her comments:

"In this month of thanksgiving, we can be thankful for the trials of the past, the blessings of the present, and be heartily ready at the same time to embrace with joy any troubles the future may bring."

"Embrace with joy" any future troubles??? Is this something any "normal" person can do? If so, I doubt that I was ever, or ever will be "normal"!

I agree with Martha's ending comment:

"I am grateful for the blessings of the present. As for the future - I'll wait and see."

[it has been almost 19 months since my wife for over 40 years died from cancer and I still miss her so I am noy yet ready to "embrace with joy" any future losses.]

Your comments will be appreciated. Remember -"... its the living that are left to carry on"...

God Only Cries for the Living

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