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Share My Pillow - Share My Dreams

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To my precious little sweetheart, Claire

Share my pillow - share my dreams

The void you left is dark and wide

Your presence is no more,

So come to me in dreams sweetheart

I’ll leave an open door.

Speak to me my sweetheart

In whatever way you can,

Break this silent nightmare

Bridge this unlit span.

Smile for me my sweetheart

That smile so broad and wide,

Ease the pain within my heart

And make the tears subside.

Hold me close my sweetheart

Let me stroke your hair,

Let me kiss you better

Let me know you’re there.

Laugh for me my sweetheart

Lighten this dismal strife,

Remind me how your crazy ways

Brought sunshine into life.

So rest your head my sweetheart

Come share this pillow of mine,

Whisper those words I need to hear

To let me know you’re fine.

© 2007 by David T.Kerry


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