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Memories For Surviving Kids

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I wanted yo make sure this message was available in what seems like a few different appropriate categories...

Hi! My name is Bob DiPasquale and I am the founder of a charity called Memories for Surviving Kids. When I was three years old my father died of heart disease. When I was eleven my mother died due to liver cancer. I'm in my forties now, and when my best friend died a few years back, I stood at his wake and I listened to his friends and family commenting about his 3 and 9 year old daughters. I heard them say "I wish there was something I could do". Well I know a great thing we can all do for those kids. We can write them letters and help them learn about the parent they will have a hard time learning about. That's what Memories for Surviving Kids is all about. I teamed with psychologists and grief counselors and created a website at http://www.mfsk.org where people can go to learn how best to make this communication happen. The site includes advice on how the surviving parent can request letters from friends and family, how to write letters, and how to go about presenting the letters when the time is right. I need everyone that agrees this idea is a good one to help me spread the word. My heart goes out to all of you dealing with your grief, but there's a gift for the children that is often overlooked that I want the world to know about. For the record there is no solicitation here, everything at mfsk.org is free including our letter request kits. Please visit.

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