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My name is Becka. I am 13 and recently lost my two best friends: a 19 year old cat named sandy, and a 3 year old guinea pig named teddy.

Obviously, my cat had been with my family long before i wass born. I loved her as i loved a family member, because she was always there with a lick and a purr. On April 28, she stopped breathing. we rushed her to the hospital. this had happened once before, and she wasn't the same after it. we figured she would come out ok (well, not ok, she hadnt been ok since she'd been hit by a car) and come home. but she didn't get better. when i came home on April 29, I knew that by the look in my mom's eyes, she had to put sandy to sleep. on Friday, my mom and i buried her with some flowers and a can of her food. Then, just when the huge hole in my heart had just about begun to heal, on fateful friday, my guinea pig took sick for the last time.

I got teddy for my 10th birthday. he was the first pet that was ever mine, and i loved him with all my heart. teddy had gotten deathly sick before (three times), but something told me this time he wouldn't be okay. when i went to clean his cage on friday, he was lying on his side, not breathing right, not supporting himself, eyes all gummy. i called my mom, and we took him to the vet, where i was told he would probably not live through it. I got a call on sunday, saying he was getting a little worse. even so, i expected him to live for at least a few more days. after all, he was a tough little scrapper.

then i came home from school today. there was a message on the ,achine telling me he had died. i found out almost an hour ago. this is really hard. if anyone can offer some comfort, please do? losing my two best friennds has been the hardest experience in my short life, in such a short period of time. please, reply.

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Oh Becka, my heart really and truly goes out to you. I am so sorry for both your losses, Sandy and Teddy. They both sound like absolutely beautiful and wonderful companions.

I know that this is all so fresh right now. My words to you would be this: let yourself feel, let yourself cry, let yourself do whatever comes to you. People may or may not understand what you're going through - but bottom line is, you're allowed to feel anything. Give yourself the time to feel that you so deserve.

Both of your best friends brought so much to your life - that I can tell just from your post. I can only imagine how much they taught you. I'm sure they helped shape who you are today. That makes it impossible for them to leave you Becka...they will ALWAYS be a part of who you are, and will continue to guide you in unbelievable ways. That I am sure.

You know, you can definitely feel free to keep in touch with me. I know that I found that helpful after my Montey passed away on January 2, 2004. He was 17 1/2 when he passed away....I'm 24, so he was with my throughout my entire life as well.

You're in my thoughts Becka....Your Sandy and Teddy are in no more pain. They are so grateful for all the love you shared with them...but the bond is not over. When you love so deeply, how can it be?

You take it one day at a time.....




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