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Friend And A Future Passing

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Just recently, i have had a bad situation occur and have a friend who has been in the hospital; this all results from a blood clot and actual flatlining (what really freaks me out)

as of monday, his parents were told that they had to remove the respirator (which is not keeping him alive) or have him moved to a facility where he will stay hooked up for however long, and this is all due to the fact that his brain activity is so low but not completely gone (aka, not braindead)

his girlfriend, him and i all worked together a number of years ago, he and i were buddies, but we havent spent time together at all lately, and besides the sadness of his possible passing, i am feeling guilty for not having seen him or talked to him lately (i know this is a two way street) but i feel ever so slightly out of touch from where he was just before this happened

At the same time, my family and i have been dealing with my grandparents and them showing their age (85 and 88) and all of it seems so much at once.

I would be able to lean on the significant other but at this point in our lives, he lives 2 hours away and we can only talk every now and then...i also get so tired of rehashing it all but it feels like all of this is such a large part of my life!

i am trying to find more ways to de-stress and have downloaded some relaxation mp3's but does anyone have any suggestions on the whole for how to make this not yet grieving yet grieving move less hectic?

thanks to all you


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