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Its Been Two Months


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Its been two months now since my sweet boy passed away. So so much has happened in this short time yet it seems like 20 years since I last held my baby or got one of his precious butterfly kisses.

Winter has arrived and with the snow here I find myself remembering how Nvwati would sit by the window whimpering until I bundled up to take him outside. He so love to play in the snow - shoveling it with his nose. After about an hour of this I would be freezing and would have to explain to him that I don't have fur like he does. Poor Nvwati always was confused. He wasn't sure if he was a human or if I was a wolf dog LOL.... and he would cry when we had to come back in.

What I wouldn't give to have one more winter with him. But this was not to be. His work here on earth was done and it was his time to move on to the Bridge. I hope there is snow on the Bridge so Nvwati can play and shovel it with his sweet nose.

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