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Hannah was a Malamute/Shepard mix and although she was 9 years old, she held her place in personality, vitality and beauty with any other dog. I adopted her when she was 4 1/2 lbs. She, along with her littermates were on their way to the humane shelter. Hannah needed a home and I had one...it seemed like a perfect fit. Eventually, I adopted another puppy in need of a home and Hannah and Chloe' were best friends.

Hannah was a very active dog, with a very outgoing personality. At times, Hannah could really be a handful. Regardless, I could not have loved her anymore if I had given birth to her myself.

When I adopted Hannah, I was married and had a small daughter. As time passed, my daughter grew into a teenager and my husband was NEVER home. Many nights I cried myself to sleep holding onto the soft fur of my "fur babies." They kept me from being so alone and so lonely.

To make a long story, not so long, I did get a divorce and ended up having to put my dogs up for adoption. This broke my heart and I cannot tell you the buckets of tears I have cried.

I keep in constant contact with the two families that adopted my dogs. Yesterday, I got an email from the woman (Sharon) that adopted Hannah. Her email stated that one evening in late June, Hannah woke her up by licking her face. Hannah was very upset and led her to the crib of Sharon's new born son. The baby had stopped breathing. The hospital said that the baby had sleep apnea and if Sharon had not found him when she did, he would have most likely died. Hannah saved that little boys life. The next night, Sharon got up to give her baby son his bottle and Hannah, who was sleeping with Sharon and her husband, did not move. When Sharon checked on Hannah, she had passed.

I can't help but wonder if Hannah would still be alive if I had stayed in my marriage. I can't help but wonder if Hannah thought I had abandoned her. I can't help but feel guilty because my ex-husband didn't keep her weight down and her poor heart couldn't take it any longer. I know in my heart that she was loved everyday of her life. I also know she is a hero.

Hannah will live on in my heart forever and I hope so much that one day I will be able to see her again.

I believe she is in heaven and I think you probably think so too? Thank you.

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Your experiences have touched my heart to such deep levels. I am so sorry that you have had to go through what you've been through, and I am so sorry to hear that your precious Hannah has passed.

Please know that we do understand how difficult it is to lose our companions. Each of our stories are unique, but what brings us together is our love for our angels and these special bonds we've been so fortunate to share.

It's understandable why you're feeling guilty. At this time you're entitled to feel anything because it's such a difficult time. Please do know, that I believe you have been so, so, so incredibly strong by the decisions you have made. You gave Hannah such a great life while you were with her by your sheer love. You ensured Hannah had a great home with her adoptive family, and she did. She saved a baby's life and in turn will be rewarded for eternity.

She is truly an angel and I have no doubt in my mind she is with you, guiding you, shedding tears with you, laughing with you, and most importantly, loving with you.

Please do keep in touch. I am here to talk about whatever it is you're feeling. Feel free to visit my Montey's tribute at www.ilovedmypet.com/Montey. He is my precious angel who passed away on January 2, 2004.

You are in my thoughts, heart, and prayers.

-Angie (angie@RespectAnimals.com).

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