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Lost My Brother And Best Friend On July 22nd

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A week ago yesterday I found my brother dead when I went to check on him at lunch. I call him every morning and when I could not get ahold of him I got worried. He was really my best friend as well as my brother. We shared alot and I loved him so so much. I am really sad still and know that I will be for a long long time. He was in a motorcycle accident in 1972 and was never the same after. He lost an arm and an eye. I am full of grief and feel as though I am too much of a burden to my wife who has been there for me through this whole thing. I feel like she is starting to get sick of me crying and I'm actually a bit sick of it to. I do not want to stop grieving though. I don't want to forget him. I loved him so very much. I miss talking to him and laughing with him. I miss everything about him.



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