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My soul mate doggie died 12 days ago. I am so bereft. I don't know what to do. I just sit in the kitchen and cry. The house is so quiet without her. She followed me everywhere. Our other dog is not as affectonate as she was and I am so lonely. My husband would like me to not be so sad and remember the good times. All I can remember is her death, she died at home but it was not peaceful.I just hope she didn't suffer.

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Dear Kris, it is a awful thing to lose our dearly beloved pets. I have learned from being here that we all grieve differently. How my husband and mother respond to the very same deaths are not at all how I feel them in my heart. That's okay. ...sad, oh that word "sad" it is such minor word, most of the time it doesn't seem to even grace the surface of the turmoil we feel. Oh how I wish they could be with us all of our days, I lament that we don't have them with us for very long. Instead we must find a way to accept the end of their lives and the hole we feel in our hearts at their death.

I feel empty to say more. Your relationship with your sweet dog was unique to the two of you, and now half of that is missing. I can't change that, I can't take away the hurt or the pain. But know just as your relationship with your dog was unique so is your grief. Perhaps someday those happy memories will grace your mind and give you peace, but that day isn't now and that's just find too.

Take care~

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