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Where Do I Go Now ? So Lost


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My Black Cocker Spaniel Roscoe was the joy of my life here .

He was so much joy and always had been healthy.

He starting havin lots head tremor seizures and i took him to the vet.

They did alot of blood work thinking possibly he had been bitten by a tick.

He was put on meds but seemed were not helping .

The blood work came back neg. at that pont he was getting to the point i know i had to help him . He could not eat, drink or get up . Dr. at this point new most likely it was a brain tumor . He had all the signs. I took him to the vet where Oct 14, 2004 that put him to sleep. I held him and told him i would see him again in Heaven . He was only 8 . My house is so empty and i don't know what to do without him . All i can do is sit and cry and think what did i miss , What could i have done to save him ? Please help me !!!

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I am very sorry for your loss and know exactly how you feel. It has been almost 2 months since I had to put my dog, Wolfgang down. He was 12 years old and developed some sort of a spinal problem. The doctor said that maybe it was a tumor or a disc pressing on a nerve, but he became a quaderapalegic and couldn't get up to, he just laid there staring at me wondering what was wrong. I took him to the vet again and they said that there was a surgery they could attempt, but it was very risky and if he survived the surgery there was a risk that he could develop pnenomia and then he would have to go through more suffering. They told me that putting him to sleep was the humane thing to do, so I went ahead and did it because I couldn't bear to watch him suffer anymore. Sometimes there is nothing that you could have done to have saved him. Be gentle to yourself and think of all the good times that you shared with him. This is what I did and it really helped. Another thing that helps to heal is time. Share good memories with friends and keep his spirt alive by rememerbing him when he was healthy. Know that he is out of his pain and in a better place. You are in my thoughts and prayers, BrinnJ21

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I am so sorry for the loss of your dear bloved "Roscoe" I understand the feelings of guilt? The endless questions? My cat "Street" died on September 26, 2003 and he was only 5. He just didn't eat one morning and 4 days later he died. Street showed no signs of ill health that I can recall. I surely think he must have exhibited something and I just did not notice. I feel so much guilt over Street's death and I just can not seem to let it go. At the time Street died, I was also caring for my old cat "Sunshine" who was sick with a heart condition and cancer, as well as my Father having Alzheimer disease. I feel like I was so focused on Sunshine and my Father that I must have neglected my dear Street.

One fact that has helped me is knowing that I loved my Street cat and my Street cat loved me. I am sure that you and Roscoe shared a similar kind of love. A love that only other pet people understand. I don't believe that Street or Roscoe are looking down on us, asking, how come you let us die? They are most definitely looking down on us and crying with us and wanting to comfort us.

All I can suggest is to surround yourself with people that understand the pain you have been thrown into and let yourself cry. Hope it helps to know that there are many of us who know your pain and that you are not alone.

Take good care, Sunstreet

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I just had to have my black cocker, Sarah, put to sleep last Wednesday. I too, am completely lost, and wonder if that ragged hole in my heart will ever heal. My Sarah was 14 and suffering from heart failure. I had known that the time would come when her life was over, but I guess I didn't realize how profound the grief would be. Like your dear Roscoe, Sarah's "doggyness" had been replaced with helplessness and suffering. I don't know what to say at this point; I only hope that time will dull this pain, so we can smile in the memories of our beloved pets.

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