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Got Through Another Christmas

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Hi everyone ..it has been sometime since I have posted come most days and read...I just cannt believe that I have spend my second christmas without Bruce and tomorrow will be my second new years eve without him...how can it be almost 2 years that he is gone...how my life has changed in those 2 years...the first year is a blur and i dont remember much of it but the pain that I felt ...the second year has been a little easier I think with the birth of my 2 grandsons have helped me heal...a new life will do that...but still this christmas was hard being the first christmas for my grandsons and grandpa not here to see them open their presents...and yes I got both of them their JOHN DEERE riding tractors because if Bruce would have been here that would be the present that he would have bought both of them...you see when our oldest son Mike was born that was what Bruce bought him for his first christmas and he was only 2 weeks old that christmas so I know that would be what the boys would have got from him...there are still days that I wish with all my heart that he was here to see them but wishing will not bring him back because if it would he would be here right now..and new years not sure what it has in store for me but Im hoping that it is something good for a change..I would not like to have to live these last 2 years again..Bruce I miss you with all my heart and will love you until the day that I die...thank you everyone who have help me throw these last 2 years without you love and support I dont think that I would be where I am today..love and peace to each and everyone .....Gail

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