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my husband and i went on our first cruise in april of 2008, we left our precious baby at this ladys house we thought everything would be ok, cause she raises rabbits, we left him there and came back a week later, before we left he was eating, drinking, playful etc. we picked him up the lady had said that he had been losing weight, we didnt think anything of it, the months went on and i noticed a abcess on his foot, this was in dec. we took him to the vet, she did tests, no cancer, gave us antibiotics and a wash and said everything would be ok. we kept bringing him back to the vet because his abcess would never heal, the last time we went she said he had cancer, and only a few months to live, he had lost so much weight by this time- he only weighed 4pds. so i tried all the home remedies that i could to try and get him better, including giving him gingerroot, but nothing helped, he passed away o 4/16/2009, i can still hear his last cry before he passed! god i miss my baby!

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I'm so sorry for your loss! I had a bunny once, and they can be a lot of fun. I too lost a furbaby in August, and I still grieve for her. Time is the great healer, but sometimes it takes a LONG time.....it sure has for me. Each of our pets is special, and different from the others. We can only love them for the short time they are with us, and then try to move on. Maybe a new bunny is in your future.....I got a new puppy and she's made the loss of my other one more bearable. She can never 'replace' my other one, but she's special in her own way, and grows on me more every day.

God Bless You!!!

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