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Lost My Grandfather A Month Ago

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I had forgot about this forum but right now I really need a visit. About a month ago, my grandfather died. He had been fighting leukemia for a year. It happened while I was away for a business trip and my dad did not tell me until I got back. Grandpap had went to the hospital with maybe pneumonia. Then he got really sick and his kidneys failed, his heart gave out without him regaining conciousness.

And I feel like such a horrible person because I didn't know and didnt get home. We were very close and every time I've left home the last few years I have agonized if he would be there when I got back. I was not fond of my job to start with and now with this happening I hate it so much, I can hardly get through a day of being there.

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I've talked with my grandma but still haven't been able to get home, Thanksgiving will be the first that I can. I don't know how I'll be able to handle it. My very definition of home involves grandpap being there. The main reason I'd go home is so I could walk down the road and spend the day with him.

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