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My mom passed away five months ago, and the pain feel as fresh and as real as it did the first night. What do I do now? i think its getting better and then I have a few days like now and it build and builds. I think I'm going ti lose it and not be able to recover. My mom was my everything, she was the most amazing person in mt life. She knew me better than I knew myself. Where do I find that now? I just miss her so much!!! I had my first baby a month and two days after she passed away. We were so excited. We had so many plans and now I'm alone. Thats not true, I have a wonderful husband and a great support group, but nothing comes close to mom. I need something, something that makes this a little easier, alittle less painful. It gets so bad some days its hard to breath. I love her so much and yet I can't be anywhere near her. I need her in my life. I need her in my childs life. I miss my mom!!! sad.gif

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