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The Tragic Death Of My Furry Baby


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I lost my doggie which was a german shepherd/pitbull mix on March 2nd 2009. Peachs was my baby we did everything together, whereever I went she went. She had a great personality she always made me laugh no matter what grumpy mood I was in or how bad my day was. Peachs had a big heart she loved everybody. She loved to sleep with me at night. All that ended on March 2nd 2009 when me and Peachs was outside playing in my back yard. I went inside to get me a drink and to get her some fresh water. I made sure the gates were closed and locked before I went in. But apparently my Peachy Peach had a hidden talent I didn't know about she had learned how to jump the gate. While I was inside the house Peachs saw a cat she normally didn't bother cats but this one particular cat must've set her off some kind of way. I was on my way back outside when I looked out the window and saw a gray cat running so fast and furious and then I seen my Peachs right behind him. The cat ran across the street and made it safely but my Peachy wasn't so lucky. When she ran in the street a ryder moving truck was speeding down my street. The truck ran the stop sign and before I could get to Peachs the truck hit Peachs. The driver of the truck slowed down looked at me and then looked at Peachs and then took off he never stopped but I got his license plate. I ran to Peachs but it was too late she had died instantly. I sat in the street holding her and started crying uncontrollably. I never got to say goodbye and tell her I loved her. My world came to an end I blamed myself and I still do. If only I had went back outside sooner I could've stopped her before she got out.It was my fault for leaving her outside. It will be a year this March 2nd.It still feels like she died yesterday it still hurts so bad. I know I'll see her again in heaven but I miss her terribly. I hate to go in the backyard, and at night i still expect to see her come jumping in bed with me. I hope to get a new dog oneday but that dog won't replace my Peachs.

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