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I just wanted to share this book with people here. I found it accidentally when googling grief & bereavement. It's called "How to Survive Your Grief" by Susan Fuller. It was the first book I bought at the end of Jan aftering losing by doting Dad on 17th December.

This book is so simple to read and easy to use. I've read maybe 5 books already and this is the one book I keep going back to. It just contains a list of about 50 emotions you may feel while grieving, some you may not feel now, not ever and that's fine, some you may feel later on.

Each emotion is just explained over 1 to 1.5 pages so it's very easy to read. You can skip right to the feeling you have, this doesn't have to read like a book from cover to cover.

In the beginning there were many I skipped over, not feeling them at all but as time as gone on I find these new emotions and feelings erupt so I go back and read about it. The biggest help I found from this book was it was like a friend who knew my grief so well, letting me know everything I feel is normal, there is nothing wrong with me and I am not going crazy, I am not losing my mind because the truth is sometimes I really feel like I am losing it completely because the reality of this is beyond enormous.

I recommend this to anybody grieving, it doesn't ease the pain or loss but just allows you to be as you are and know there is nothing wrong with it. I feel broken but nobody can fix me and I don't need anyone to try, I just need to be as I am and this book is a good friend for just that.

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