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Little More Than 4 Months Ago My Father Died And Still Have Yet To Fin

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I still have yet to find anyone with quite my story.

I am 18 years old, my father died suddenly of a heart attack Feb 1st, just that week my mother was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer.

My father in October 2009 was diagnosed with a blood clot in his leg. He went on the blood thinner and began to rectally bleed. He was sent in for exploratory and they found he had colon cancer.

All was still very hard, and noticing my mother was having odd signs we had no diagnosis from her as we were too focused on my father and her gyno was giving no answers. In January 2010 she was scheduled for an exploratory which we thought had given us the answer of no cancer, but still a mystery.

The last week in January 2010 my mother finally got diagnosed with uterine cancer, and was booked for surgery on Feb 1st.

My father trying to be sweet while just finishing up his 4th Chemo decided to clean the bathroom and wrenched his back. That weekend my father was extremely faint and a few times turned paled. The paleness was a sign my mother was very worried about but we all concluded to the Chemo just making him very tired.

January 29th at night my father took a hot bath after taking a hydocodine (strong pain medicine) that he got approved from the doctor he could take. As we found out later, bad mistake as a hot bath opens your veins and with the pain medicine was a bad combo. Though we were sure it was already near that, the hot bath and medicine triggered it even more.

I can remember like the back of my hand. I was in my room on my computer and all I hear is "your pale sit down, sit down." then hearing a very loud "thud" to the ground, like a ton of bricks.

My father had collapsed and fallen. Totally in shock I ran to his head because I was worried hitting are hard wood floor he might of gone unconscious. A few seconds later he started to heave, a very wrong sign which is when I told my mom to call 911.

He came back around and the EMS people arrived and worked on him for an hour in the house, when they moved him into a chair as he was a very big guy and our apartment is very small. During this he went pale as a sheet, and died once more but came back gradually.

His last words to us were "Im scared, I cant breath, I cant breathe" as the guy was performing a test on him.

Literally within a half hour at the Emergency room, my father was pronounced dead. (Little did I know about a week/a half ago my father had slowed down/gone of his blood thinners bc the sensations in his feet and fingers were too much for him)

My father was 65, retired for a few years, and was the one who raised me a child and stayed home, and then was home during my 3 home school high school years. A definite weird change to be home alone during the day (since I took the semester off school originally to take care of two sick parents)


Age 7, with our 5 month old puppy cookie, who currently is 10 years old.


Adoption agency party.


Christmas Time


Not the best photo of eithier of us. August 2009.

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Hi Animalsaver123,

I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad and your Mom's ill-health. Here is a cyber hug ((((((( ))))))).

Your Dad sounds like he was a great guy and one to hardly complain about anything. You are lucky to have had him. Just by the great pictures you posted, I can tell he was a great guy. I am sure your Mom is great too.

When someone we love is sick, all we can do is try to help them as much as we can and make them comfortable. Sounds like you were doing that and I know you are doing that with your Mom too. They are lucky to have such a great daughter as you. Please keep posting here. All of us are going through some kind of grief because of the upcoming loss or loss of a loved one. There are some great people here. We are all here for each other.

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