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Triple Whammy Weekend Coming Up


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Hi Everyone,

As some of you know I lost my darling jrt Harley a little over 6 weeks ago. I am still in a state of shock and devestation. I cry for him every day and miss him constantly. Well this weekend coming up is going to be so hard, I have no idea how to get through. Saturday is going to be the 2 year anniversary of when I met Harley. I still remember the day so well. It was warm and sunny and we met at the park and then he came to my house. He was originally going to be a foster, but I ended up adopting him the following Labor Day weekend. Then Sunday is the 9th anniversary of the death of my first dog Windsor and the 7th week anniversary of Harley's death. So much sadness for one weekend. Just driving by the park where I met Harley yesterday reduced me to tears.

I miss him so much I can't stand it. It doesn't feel like it will ever get better. I don't have any people friends that I can hang out with this weekend, probably just as well I will probably spend most of it crying. I hate my life right now, I keep hoping a meteor will fall on my head but so far no luck. The fact that it is cold and rainy isn't helping much. Well that's all I have for the moment. I hope everyone is hanging in there. Take care, Elizabeth :(

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