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How Can One Move On When I Didnt Get To Say Goodbye

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My mother passed away on Feb 14th 2010, I wish that i could have told her that i loved her one more time before she went i miss her so much there are so many things that she wont get to see. She wont get to see me get married or have children, heck even graduate college for that matter. I loved her with all my heart and soul. I feel so bad that i didnt stay that last night that she was in the hospice. I just couldnt watch her like that I was there every other day for the whole 2 weeks leading up to her death. I feel so heart broken that i cant explain. I want her back. So let me pose the question how do i move on and get over things when i feel like i didnt even get to say good-bye, oh and her remains are 2600 miles away!

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Hi Peach,

I am sorry for your Mom's passing and for your regrets. Hugs! ((((((( ))))))) I think we all have regrets about what we did or did not say. I know I certainly did. My Mom has been gone for a month and 3 days and it is absolutely killing me. I still cannot believe it. Believe me, even if you are there when your parent goes, it does not make it a whole lot better. I was with my Mom in hospice in the house. The last few days were so strange. She was there, yet she wasn't. We were all just waiting and wating for the moment. It was horrible. Then it happened. When it did it was horrible. I remember it like it was yesterday. The worst moment and day of my life.

Your Mom is watching over you now. You can tell her all the things you wanted to and know she is there. She will hear you and knows what you meant to say. She will always be watching you and seeing what you do now and in the future.

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hi Peach,

I am so sorry for the loss of you sweet Mom. I don't really have any words of comfort, I just don't think there are any. I lost my Dad suddenly in December 09, like you I also think he will never see me marry or have kids....in fact I don't want that dream anymore now, life is too sad without him, all my dreams are long gone with him.

I am sorry for you feeling so bad about not staying with your Mom that last night, I don't think I can say anything to make you feel better.

As for you question about moving on, getting over things, I don't think we ever get over this, we've lost someone who brought us into the world, someone nobody can ever replace, I think maybe we just learn to live with it, live with the pain. I don't think for a second a day will come where I don't feel the pain of losing my Dad, no day will come while I am on this earth where I won't miss him. I will want him back everyday as long as I live.

I miss my Dad as much if not more than a few months ago, because now it's just getting longer since I've seen him. All I can say is take things one day, one hour at a time.

hugs and love to you,


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...I feel so bad that i didnt stay that last night that she was in the hospice...I was there every other day for the whole 2 weeks leading up to her death...

everything happens for a reason. you were not meant to be there.

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