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Must Be Strong.... But Don't Want To Be.

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Well if you look at my profile you can see that I lost both of my grandparents within 4 months of each other. I was close to my grandpa but much much closer to my grandma... she was one of the most amazing women I have ever met. I miss her every single day. Although I have no regrets about our relationship I still want more time with her. She was so strong and selfless. I am a lot like my grandma I am stubborn just like she was and will never give up. Life has been so different without her, she died of COPD and my grandpa of lung cancer. 2 summers ago I lost my Aunt Gloria to brain cancer and when I was 7 or 8 I lost both of my great grandparents. So obviously death is something I am very aware of. Though I am aware of it, it is still hard for me because I love and care about everyone so deeply. This loss of my grandparents has been a nightmare even though I knew it was coming, that fact did not make it any easier. I watched both of them die in the 2 and a half years they battled with their diseases. That is not something a typical 14 year old should have to deal with... but I have to be strong for my family and friends. Even after their death nobody, but my closest friends, knew how much I was hurting or what had even happened to me because I was still the same old me I always had been.

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