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Okay this is the first post in a long time... well alot has happened. I miss my grandparents so much and there is so much I wish I could have them here for. My birthday was 4 days ago and it was sooo hard not having them call and wish me happy birthday. The day before that one of my main purposes for staying here was gone. Ya I was dumped the day before my birthday and it hurts so bad. My grandma would know just what to say... but shes not here. My grandpa would of made me laugh until I cried but he wasn't here either so I have nothing. My best friend doesn't even want to hear about it.... I just wish I could go back in time and fix everything that happened with my friends and boyfriend. I want my grandparents back. I want my best friend back. I want my boyfriend back. I just want my life back!

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hi hun,

Belated Birthday wishes to you, ("Happy Birthday just sounds so sad because I know it's not a happy one). I am so sorry for your pain. It's awful not having those we need and want most call us on our birthdays, I find those special days extra lonely (if thats even possible).

I'm sorry you've split with your boyfriend and now your grandparents aren't here to make it better, they both sound just like my Dad ......simply the fixers, the ones who can make it all better no matter what has happened.

I'm so sorry aswell that your best friend is not there for you. Did she say something to you or do you just feel she doesn't want to hear about how sad you are ? Do you think it's possible to call her, email her and let her know how much you are hurting and how much you miss her friendship. It's so hard when others can't relate to what you are feeling, people want you to be all better more quickley than you can be, people want the old fun you back and I can so relate when you say you want your old life back. Friends need more patience than ever with us now and that can be hard for them when they cannot really understand our feelings. Do you think you could reach out to her at all ? Do you have other family that are supporting you at the moment ?

Just know that we are always here to listen hun whenever you feel like writing. I hope you will be able to get your friend back, it's so hard when people turn their backs because we are no longer how they expect and want us to be,

hugs and love to you :wub:


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