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Dreamt I Called My Mom


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This morning I dreamt that I was in some strange house in the middle of nowhere. It was really a desolate place and not a happy one. There was somebody else with me who I can't think who it was. He ran off looking for someone. I think the person he was looking for was his Dad or maybe mine, but I am not sure. Then, I wanted to call my Mom. I just desperately needed to talk to her. But I knew I could not. I cannot tell you how strange it all was.

I know what this is: I am a lost soul at the moment in a state of limbo. Nothing feels right. Nothing is right. I feel I have no home anymore. Nothing feels stable. This scenario in the dream describes exactly how I feel about my life at the moment: Hopeless. Meaningless. A waste. Not where I want to be. I need my Mom and Dad more than ever and they are gone.

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Big hugs to you Aquarius, so often yours and others words apply to me too but often I can't find the words myself.

I wish we could change it all,I wish our parents could come visit,a visit we would be aware of to give us comfort.

In the meantime just know I'm on this road with you (((()))))

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