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I Feel Like I Am Being Swallowed Up


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Hi All,

I just feel like my brother-law's family is trying to make me one of them and trying to make me forget who I am... They make me feel like I should forget my background and my parents too... I feel like they are a enormous whale and I am this little fish trying to stay alive... I know they are just trying to include me in their family things but I am a Starkey and always will be and I am proud of my background and I do not want to forget where I came from... My mom was my best friend and even though my dad and I had our problems he is still my dad...Shelley

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Did you take your forum moniker, Starkiss, from your family name, Starkey?

I've sometimes wondered why a woman has to take a man's family name in marriage. It's just not fair to lose the family name! Why not have the guy take on the woman's family name? Or, to be fair about it, at least combine the two names into a compound name?

Anyway, Starkey is a beautiful family name. I like the way you guard it. Big fish shouldn't eat little fish either, I agree.

Ron B.

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Hi RonB,

Thank you for your post, I so want to keep my family name real and not give in to people who want me to be included in their families... I am proud of the name and I know people are trying to help but I am a starkey and proud to be one... I want to visit my dad's side of the family and start meeting his side of the family and get to know them all better.. Shelley

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