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Good Morning everyone,

I was wondering if any of you believe in our dreams, that our loved ones make contact with us through them? Do any of you have experiences?

I have dreams about my dad pretty regularly, and I can easily pick out the ones that are simply just dreams. I can even figure out for myself why I would have the dream and what it meant to me. All of my dreams about my dad consist of him dying. He has cancer and looks very ill in every single one. In one dream, I was at his house taking some of his things to keep and he appeared to me and told me not to give up on him yet, that he wasn’t ready to stop fighting. I knew this was a dream, it was very fragmented, and I knew it represented the internal guilt I feel about not believing he would beat his cancer, or not having enough faith in God and miracles.

However, twice I have had a very different kind of dream. After each, I wake up feeling a sense of peace that I never imagined I could feel after the death of my father. A huge part of my really believes it was him talking to me. In both, he was happy and healthy, just as he had always been.

The first dream happened about a month after he died. I remember standing on his grave, standing where I was when he was lowered into the grave. He was there with me, just talking and bullshitting like we always did. I knew he was dead but I wasn’t afraid, I was just to happy to be with him. Towards the end of the dream, he leaned over his headstone and went on and on about how much he liked it. He told me it was so big, it was “like 40 inches long!”

I didn’t think much about the dream. I woke up feeling so peaceful though. My boyfriend and I laughed at the idea of a headstone being 40 inches long. He didn’t have a headstone yet, but I knew the plan was to get a double headed one to include his wife. My boyfriend and I went to his grave later that day, and when we did, we decided to measure the double headstone next to his. Of course, it was 40 inches long! I also researched more online about those types of stones, and it turns out, one of two standard sizes for those stones is 40 inches. Unbelievable. I know it sounds like useless information, but I am an engineer and my father and I were both numbers people, so it makes sense to me that he would prove that it is real with a number.

The second dream just happened two nights ago. I was out to dinner with two friends I haven’t seen in years. Out of literally nowhere, my dad was there. We gave each other the HUGEST hug and I said, “I miss you so much.” He said, “I miss you too.” He then told me that it was really important that I try to move on with my life now. I told him I would try, and he was gone.

Any opinions? Any similar experiences?

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