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Hi. I am new here. I felt like I needed someone talk to who might understand how I feel. My mom died three years ago this month. She battled with with an unknown illness for about four years until we finally found out it was cancer. I have a wonderful husband who listens, but he can't fully understand how I feel.

I have two brothers who I do not talk with anymore. My dad moved away and I do not see him much, and he doesn't like to talk about mom. My mother was a central part of our family, and now I feel like I have no family left. So now I cry all alone. My heart is still broken after three years. I have three little boys, and no mom to turn to for advice. I miss her terribly. I would like to know if there are any other young mom's out there who have lost there own mothers. It would be nice to hear from someone who knows how it feels. Thanks for listening.

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