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The Sailing Ship

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I came across this on another forum and thought I would share it here.



Imagine in your mind’s eye, if you can, a sailing ship; after a long break on dry land it is getting ready to once again enter into the freedom of the oceans. It reveals great beauty and strength, as well as joy, as it opens its snowy white sails and offers them to the morning breeze. You are one of those left behind at the shore; sadly you watch the ship’s departure until all you can see of it is a speck of white cloud on the horizon where the sea meets the sky. A mournful voice close by says: ‘Ah, it’s gone!’

During the coming days you keep on wondering to yourself: ‘Where did the ship go?’ Finally, you come to the conclusion that this does not really matter because you know that wherever the ship may be now, it will be still as beautiful as it ever was and its mast and hull will be just as strong as when it left your shore. At that, as if in a dream, you sense that a voice is calling to you from some distant shore: ‘It has arrived safely; it’s here!’

Death is similar. Nothing changes with physical death; we still remain the same one we always were. Our feelings and desire are unchanged; it’s just that we have shed our physical body like an overcoat that had worn out. Eternity is now; every moment we live in this world and all others is part of eternity. Any loss on the Earth plane is the spirit world’s gain. On the other side of the veil of consciousness each death in our world is always a happy event, a rebirth and a homecoming. We are eternal beings of light; there is no death and we cannot die. It’s just that sometimes we gather our experiences, so that we may learn from them and grow, in different worlds; that’s all.

Roger Carswell

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