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Man Tries To Revive Wife

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This story was in the morning paper.

A man apparently trying to save his wife with CPR collapsed, slumped over her and died wednesday night in the couples home. Rescuers broke into the home and tried to revive the man and his wife, but both died. The husband had called 911 and told the dispatcher that his wife had collpased, wasn't breathing and had no pulse. He also said he was starting CPR. With the dispatcher on the line, the call went silent. When firefighters entered the home they found the man 60 slumped over his wife, 59. No names have been released.

All I could think of was how lucky he was to feel the grief of loss for only minutes. Never having to suffer through the maze and pain.

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That's true, I have heard about an older couple in my hometown where the husband passed away from health problems one morning and the wife went through grief so intense that she passed away that afternoon the same day. I guess they were so connected and it was their time I guess.


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