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This forum is new for me and I am still getting to know how it all works. I lost my mother March 10. My mother and I were very close. My Dad and I took care of her during her illness. My Mother and Father were very loved in their community and more than 200+ people attended her funeral services. All that being said I find myself totally lost. I'm somewhat of a loner and have one best friend. Although I am married this is a topic I find difficult to share with anyone because they just do not understand how great a loss this is to me. I talked to my mother at least three times a day and I feel totally isolated and alone. The grief I feel is overwhelming at times and I feel like I have lost my compass and am unable to move forward. I am just stuck. I have several days off for the holiday but find that I can not seem to leave my home. Any advise is appreciated. My sympathy to all who are in my situation and have suffered a loss. Thank you

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Hi cmarie

Everyone here is helpful and everyone here has been through these early months. I lost my husband, who was my best friend and soul mate in March 2010. I grieve daily. I know the feeling of being lost as your world has changed...it is almost as if you lived with your mom talking to her so often...a lovely gift that now hurts because you were so close. You will probably feel disoriented, tired and confused...but we all have been and most still are feeling at least some of that. It is a one day at a time journey. I highly recommend you see if there is a support group around you face to face. I find the most helpful people are those who are grieving. Maybe a church or a local Hospice has a group. Many of us are or have been in one. We are all here for you. Sleep as much as possible, find someone to talk to face to face (group, grief counselor etc). it is sad your husband can not understand but perhaps he has not lost anyone close yet...it is hard for people to comprehend loss until they have lost someone. Try to get out each day for a walk or to go to work and be around distractions...grieving is exhausting as your mind and heart battle each other....we are here for you. mfh

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