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Lost My Brother At The Hands Of Another Brother...anybody Else Have Si

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I lost my 19 yr old brother 06/19/10 and my 21 yr old brother is the accused. Whether is was accidental or not, God only knows and it has yet to go to trial, but it has torn our family apart. I miss my baby brother so much and at times it is so hard to function day to day. Although I hide it very well, it is getting harder to deal with inside. My parents visit my 21 yr old religously every week and me and my siblings have nothing to do with him.My parents are torn apart inside and has changed us all forever. It is tragic and horrific. I have so many emotions and feelings raging inside of me and there arent many help groups where I live and especially since this is a unique situation. If there is anyone out there experiencing the same or similar situation, please email me. I need to talk to someone who can understand what I am feeling..

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