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Fathers Day

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Just want to let my dear friends know you and your dear Dads are in my thoughts today,I just hope our Dads somewhere all together celebrating today properly as I know I'm not exactly celebrating it.

Nicholas,thinking of you and your dear son too.

It's just such a hard day knowing so many still get to say Happy Fathers Day in person,I envy those people so much.

((hugs)) and a wish for peace and comfort to each of you


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Hi Niamh,

Thanks but I guess I am one of the few that really think of this day as any other and I wish I could honestly tell my dad I loved him but even to this day I can not... I do miss him and thank him for some of the things he did but I do not love him... Shelley

I know people are all excited about Father's day and celebrating their wonderful fathers... It tears me apart to say what I have said but If I had said I love you Dad it would be a total lie...

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Happy Father's Day to all.

This year I felt a bit different than last one. Felt my dad's physical absence hard. I so wished I could give a gift to my dad as I'm sure others do it with their parents. Daddy, remembering you always! I love you very much! Thank you for your love, your care, you are an awesome father to me.

Even though my father is not here on earth, his example stays here to lead me. It is comforting to know that even though dad is not physically here, I can look on what he did when alive on earth, and follow his example. I wished he stayed here longer, but only God knows why things happened the way they did.

Much love and hugs to all!


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Guest Nicholas

Dear Niamh,

I did my best to ignore Father's Day; I know my nephew cried a lot for his Dad yesterday. He is only 18 and lost his father a couple of years ago. Life is so unjust.


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