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We lost our daughter on 20 September, 2010. We have since that day been in a custody battle to protect our youngest grandson from his "father". Our next scheduled court date is October 11, 2011. We have no other expectations than to protect this child from his supposed "father". Our daughter was taken from us by a singlea auto accident, in a vehicle that was not sound or road worthy, but still registered to drive. Our daughter was a addict......Just like sooooo many other sad stories I have read here.. Her addiction caused her to go into rehab twice, and she had just completed her second stint in rehab when she was taken from us. I'm 54, and my wife is 52. Not throwing that out there for anything other than what it is. We LOVE our grandkids and they have been a blessing to us in dealing with our grief since our daughters passing......actually, I don't know how we would have got through it if it hadn't been for the kids. Just throwing this out there, cause I'm have some trouble dealing with the unforgetable loss of my only child. I have days that are o.k., and others that seem to be looking down the bottomless well of sorrow. Finding it very hard to concentrate on anything, and probably not paying enough attention to my wife either.......sugesstions?

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I am so sorry for the loss you have experienced. We have to walk through these events in our lives. I am doing that with the loss of my husband. I hope you can begin to pay more attention to your wife...only she knows how much you lost...she lost your daughter also and you have each other to cling to as you grieve. I hope you can share your pain with her and she can do so with you....both of you without judging each other. I wish you some peace and hope you are able to rescue your grandson. Sounds like a DNA test is in order. mfh

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