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My Baby Boy Is Gone.


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My baby Nash has only been gone since last Wednesday January the 25th. I am a college student and I have has my Lhasa Apso Nash for only 5 years. His life was taken from him in front of my house in College Station Texas by a car. I was home eating lunch with a good friend, as I went into the kitchen to get some rice she went out to her car. I guess she did not notice that Nash went out with her. She came back in and we ate our lunch. Half way through my meal I noticed my baby boy was no where in the house. I immedietly looked all around outside and jumped into my car to look where we walked every day. I thought maybe since I had been so busy with homework and had not had time to walk him yet he took it upon him self. I traveled out usual route and saw nothing. I returned to me house to pick up my friend who had also seen nothing. We drove along our route again each looking and calling. My friend suggested that we turn back but I just wanted to keep looking, you know I just didn't want him to be out walking and me not look far enough. After we finally turned around and drove the two miles back to my house. We turned onto the busy 2223 and I saw my baby, he had been hit by a car. I ran to him and held him in my arms but his life was gone. I miss him so much and I constantly beat myself up wondering what if I just would have turned around earlier. I guess after my friend let him out he decided to cross the road, which we had never done before. He must have explored the pasture across the road and I never even thought to look there. Never. He was hit as he tried to come back home right in front of my house. I will never forget him or forgive myself for not looking there. I just never thought he would cross the road. I miss him so much. Especially in the mornings because I am used to my sweet boy waking me up and at bed time becuase I no longer have him to kiss goodnight or tuck in. I feel so bad that him sweet life was taken away at only 5years old. He was so full of love and life, he didn't deserve to go like this he needs to be here with me making me smile everyday. I hope my baby knows I love him dearly and I am so sorry for this. So So sorry.


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I lost my dog to cancer also on January 25th. The worst day of my life. He was 7 years old, and the best friend I ever had. I miss him terribly and can't seem to come up for breath. We got the paper in the mornings, went for walks, hung out all day. He followed me everywhere. my life and house is lonely and silent. I don't know if this horrible pain will ever go away. It is so unfair. I really don't care to live without him. I have friends who say this will get better with time. I have a doctor who is helping me with this, and he too says grief is a complicated thing and you must give it time. And give yourself a break on the guilt. We have enough pain. Don't need to add guilt to the mix. I want you to know that people understand how bad you hurt. And they want you to feel better. And we hope for you. I wish you the best.

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