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My dog Samson was a healthy happy friendly wonderful dog.  I loved him tremendously.  Since April 2015 he had a nasal congestion and reverse sneezing problem.  Our vet tried for month to clear up his nasal condition with different medications none of which did very much.  He felt Samson should go to a specialist for a rhinoscopy to see if he had polyps or something else in his nose.  On October 21, 2015 I took him to the specialist in Largo Florida and what should have been a routine nasal scope with some anesthesia turned out to be something that killed Samson.  The specialist made one mistake after the other and I lost my wonderful Sam.  I wish I never took him for the test because now I don't have him anymore.  How do I deal with this guilt? I wanted to get him some help and he died.  I'm so sick over this.

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