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  1. Ryn

    Day One

    Hi Anne, my little Bella had kidney disease also and we lost her almost 3 years ago now. I was devastated. She was almost 16 years old and the first night was the worst-I stayed up all night. The second day was terrible. I thought I could hear her barking and moving around in her bed area etc.... I was hearbroken and missed my friend every day. Grief is grief and when you love you grieve. It doesnt matter if its your human love or your pet love. All your heart and soul know is that they are not physically here with us anymore. But, it does get better. let yourself feel. You dont need to do anything differently-without love we would be lost-we must grieve. Keep checking on with this site and maybe other pet specific grief groups. It does help. You are not alone. Everything is going to be OK. While my Bella may not be physically here with me she is with me constantly in my heart and memories and I love her. She will always be my girl.
  2. Thank you! I will definitely look over the attached file you shared :0
  3. My brother was diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer in 2013 and underwent treatment. In conversations we had after this time he always made mention of the fact he never wanted to end up lying in a hospital bed with people standing around him crying etc.. Over the last 2 years he slowly withdrew from me and my husband and we only talked by phone. He didnt want people stopping by unannounced and as we later learned he had stopped going for his checkups and was struggling with eating etc.. The day after Christmas his spouse called me and told me he had been in the hospital for about 4 weeks and was very sick and he had died earlier that day. He and I were 15 months apart in age and I was his big sister. We went through thick and thin together. While I understand his wishes I am struggling with the fact that I wasnt told he was not doing well and was in the hospital. I never got the chance to pray and prepare for what was about to happen. Instead I was told he was dead. I am devastated and so sad that he was so sick and I wasnt given the opportunity to be involved-either in thought and prayer, helping with my niece and nephew, supporting his spouse, walking the dog, cooking or anything. His spouses friends, family all knew he was in the hospital. There was no obituary, funeral, or service of any kind. He was cremated and when I asked for a small token of his ashes his spouse said she would have to consider. While we have chatted about other things she has never mentioned his ashes again. She doesnt call me and if I text her to ask about the kids or her she doesnt really reply -only mentions other things. I feel so lost in all of this. There is no one to grieve with. The people who loved him and lives.with him dont seem to recognize that I loved him too. My heart is broken.
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